Endorse Judge Okoloko

Thank you for taking a few moments to visit my campaign website and learn a little bit about why Governor Inslee appointed me to serve on our Snohomish County Superior Court bench.

I came to this country nearly 20 years ago from my native Nigeria and I have devoted my entire legal career to serving the community that has welcomed me as an American citizen and provided a great place for my wife Lara and I to raise our two children.

As a Snohomish County Deputy Prosecutor and now as a Superior Court Judge, I strive to serve my community and our justice system with diligence, integrity, and compassion in all my work. I take my role in the courtroom seriously, and I treat everyone respectfully.

I have been humbled and honored by the outpouring of support I have received as I campaign throughout the county, and I hope you will take a few minutes to see who is endorsing me for election. I am particularly honored that all of the judges of the Snohomish County Superior Court bench have given me their support.

I look forward to the many opportunities I will have to meet the voters of Snohomish County throughout the summer and fall.  I hope I can earn your vote in November.

Judge Edirin Okoloko